2. Hilarious blog! Sheila Heti collected submissions from the public about dreams they had of Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and/or John McCain during the 2008 Democratic primaries.

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  5. And just like that…FINALS

    And just like that…FINALS

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  6. Excellent procrastination AND learning!

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  8. I was going to study, but then I realized I hate everything, so I went on tumblr instead.

    I was going to study, but then I realized I hate everything, so I went on tumblr instead.


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    This is a reminder that the last day to apply for a vote-by-mail ballot by mail is October 30! Click-through for more info! Do it today!

    If you are unsure whether you’re registered, click here to check: http://www.canivote.org/

    If you would like to register, it’s not too late! Click here: https://www.gottaregister.com/ or http://www.rockthevote.com/

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  10. [On the value of being a sociology student:] It provides students with the intellectual tools needed to make sense of the shifting and conflictual social world we live in, and this in turn permits them to contribute to solutions for the most difficult social problems that we face.

    Daniel Little
    Professor of philosophy and chancellor of the University of Michigan-Dearborn

  12. The great personal hope of the Sixties was that one would be able to live a life of ongoing self-examination, a life of scrutinizing the social content of one’s actions, a life grounded in principle and social responsibility, a life of service, care, and commitment to justice and social betterment.
    —  Richard Flacks, co-founder of Students for a Democratic Society and scholar of social movements
  15. it’s a paul

    it’s a paul

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